CPC 794 - Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structures Exposed to Fire


This course has as main objective to offer theoretical and practical knowledge that allows students to develop a set of skills useful in the design of thin walled cold formed steel sections exposed to fire conditions. As part of the main object, it included finding out actual steel temperatures, how it varies across the steel section and the effect on the load bearing resistance. Moreover, with this information a method for designing such thin walled cold formed steel sections and frames will be developed, accounting the application of numerical FEM (Finite Element Method) and GBT (Generalised Beam Theory) analyses.

Ementa (Syllabus)

  1.  Elastic buckling behavior at ambient and elevated temperatures – by FEM and Generalized Beam Theory (GBT) formulation.
  2. Modeling of CFS members - influence of temperature.
  3. Variation of temperature distribution on cross-section.
  4. Ultimate resistance and collapse failure mode.
  5. Design rules

Bibliografia (Bibliography


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Alexandre Landesmann


Créditos / CH (Credits/ Workload)

3.0 / 45h