COC 890 - Tópicos Especiais em Modelos de Dados


 Introduction to the basics of natural language processing as an integral part of artificial intelligence and to the innovation process.

Ementa (Syllabus)


  1.    Joint Introduction to Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning.
  2. Unsupervised word embeddings capture latent knowledge from  science literature
  3. Application for Innovation Activity


Bibliografia (Bibliography


[1] Li Deng and Yang Liu - Deep Learning in Natural Language Processing Springer 2018.

[2] Vahe Tshitoyan, John Dagdelen, Leigh Weston, Alexander Dunn, Ziqin Rong, Olga Kononova, Kristin A. Persson,Gerbrand Ceder & Anubhav Jain - Unsupervised word embeddings capture latent knowledge from materials science literature, Research Letter Nature July 2019.



Nelson Ebecken


Créditos / CH (Credits/ Workload)

3.0 / 45h