Laboratory of Hydrology - LABHID



The Laboratory of Hydrology team, composed by professors, researchers and students has been working on general hydrological studies and particularly on the development and implementation of federal and state systems for water resources management in several Brazilian regions.

The Laboratory shelters a great number of undergraduate students, inside the PET Program and also of graduate students developing guided tasks making good use of the senior team expertise.

The Research and Development Projects fulfilled by COPPE in the Areas of Hydrology and Environment have already effectively contributed to several Governmental Programs such as:

• Assessment of the impact of PROÁGUA/Semi-Arid Actions and Works.

• Paraíba do Sul River Watershed Water Resources Planning;
• Project for the Implementation of Paraíba do Sul River Watershed Management System;
• Paraíba do Sul River Watershed State Program of Investments.

• Water Resource Management Plan, Flood Control and Environmental Recovery of the Iguaçu/Sarapuí River Watershed;
• Baixada Campista Irrigation and Draining Channel System Recovery, Management Plan, Operation and Maintenance Project;
• Marapendi Lake Study;
• Water availability Study of Several Alternatives of Water Supply of COMPERJ- Itaboraí Petrochemical Pole;
• Macaé River Urban Revitalization Study;
• Saracuruna Reservoir Hydrological Studies;
• Baixada Viva Program Planning;
• Environmental characterization of the Guaxindiba-Alcântara River Watershed;
• Guandu River Watershed Water Resources Managing Plan.


• Study of the Economic Impacts caused by the Implementation of Water Use Charging in the State of  Espirito Santo and Elaboration of Studies on Necessary Investments / Guidelines for Hydrographic Basin Planning;
• Hydrologic and Hydraulic Studies of water course traverses by Petrobras Pipelines in Brazilian Northeast;
• Tocantins River Hydrological Studies on the Protection weir of Sampaio Project;


Besides, the active participation of the team in the elaboration of the Water Resources Law for the State of Rio de Janeiro and its implementation should be enhanced as well as the number of works that the team has presented at the Water Resources Brazilian Association (ABRH), the most important water resources sector National Forum where the works developed by the Laboratory of Hydrology and Environmental Studies of COPPE during all these years are divulged.


In partnership with FINEP/FNDCT and other IES, the Laboratory of Hydrology has participated in several projects such as Development of Charging Methods for the Use of Water in Watersheds as well in Models and Systems for Water Resources Planning and Management.

Around 500 documents generated by the Laboratory team are electronically available at the link below. Information on the PET-UFRJ group and articles published in Journals and Congress Proceedings are also available at the Laboratory Secretary and at the site “”.



The Laboratory counts with an area of around 400m2 at COPPE/ UFRJ, and vast bibliographic, technical document and map collection for the development of its activities. Networks of informatics equipment allow easy access to softwares and matters available at the collection.




Prof. Paulo Canedo de Magalhães (professor in charge)
Prof. Otto Correa Rottuno Filho