To study the concepts of unsaturated soils from the perspective of the material presented at the International Congress of Mechanics of Unsaturated Soils held in Hong Kong (August, 2018). The material of the course will be the presentations and papers of the recent conference.

Ementa (Syllabus)

  1. Blight Lecture: Role of the soil-water characteristic curve in unsaturated soil mechanics - D.G. Fredlund
  2. Advances in landslide modelling of unsaturated osil - E. Alonso
  3. Macroscopic effects of the hydration mechanisms in smectites; applications to engineered and geological barriers for raciocactive waste disposal - P. Delage
  4. On the Hydration of Unsaturated barriers for high - level nuclear waste disposal - A. Gens, B. Pomaro, M. Sanchez and M.V. Villar
  5. Gas shales:geomechanical challenges and analysis - L. Laloui, A. Ferrari and A. Minardi
  6. Geospatial distribution of unsaturated soil properties for slope stability assesment - H. Rahardjo, A. Satyanaga, M.M. Nistor and E.C. Leong
  7. The UH Model for unsaturated soils - Y.P. Yao, L. Niu and W.J. Cui
  8. On the modelling of soil - atmosphere interaction in cut and natural slopes - L. Zdravkovic, A. Tsiampousi and D.M. Potts.
  9. Fundamental soil behaviour (part 1) D.G. Toll
  10. Fundamentals soil behaviour (part 2) - a wider perspective of hydro-mechanical and thermal behaviour of unsaturated soils - V. Sivakumar, E.J. Murray and S. Tripathy
  11. New equipment and testing methods - F. Marinho
  12. Constitutive, Numerical and Physical Modelling - D. Masin
  13. Geotechnical Engineering Problems in Unsaturated Soil, J.S. McCartney
  14. Energy and environmental Issues - M. Sánchez
  15. Addition of bentonite to residual soil, saturation studies of tropical residual soils, Modelling unsaturated soils with artifical neural network - C. Mahler, V. Ramos, I. Thomaz, L.P. Calova, M. Nacinovic, L. Moura, O. Gouveia, G. Mendez, F Mainier

Bibliografia (Bibliography)

[1] UNSATURATED SOILS - The 7th International Conference on Unsaturated Soils - Proceeding Hong Kong - 2018 


Claudio Fernando Mahler

Créditos / CH (Credits/ Workload)

3.0 / 45h